2 Weeks Full-Time Professional Advantage Course on Grid Connected PV Systems Design and Installation


The GSES Professional Advantage Course on Grid connected Solar PV Systems Design and Installation provides detailed technical information and step-by-step methodology for design, installation, testing, commissioning  of grid-connected solar PV systems. The course covers both distributed rooftop and large MW scale projects.

The course includes fundamental principles behind working of a solar PV system, use of different components in a system, methodology of sizing these components to create a well functioning solar PV system, and methodology of evaluating financial performance of a solar PV system.

The course also includes a description of procedures to conduct site surveys for system sizing, design and installation, and performing testing and commissioning procedures in accordance with relevant international standards relating to grid-connected  solar PV systems. 

This course is designed ideally for professionals looking to enter solar industry, or interact with solar projects in current line of work. However, professionals from a range of backgrounds can also use this course to gain entry in India’s booming solar industry, include final year engineering/science students. The course has been developed by GSES using international best practice materials and is reviewed regularly to ensure high quality and globally current training materials.  The course is backed up with rigorous assessment framework thus giving you a qualification certificate which is recognized internationally.

Course Outline and Training Methodolgy:  

The course will be delivered through power point presentations, illustrative reading materials, video clips, working examples, exercises and practical activities on real life projects. Working exercise and assessment will be carried out at the end of each topic and final assessment will be done on the last day of the course.  All assessment will be carried out through an online training platform. Students are required to carry laptop during the entire training period. Broadband internet connection will be provided at the training centre to access any online training material.

A schedule of topics and training methodology for entire course is presented in the below table.


Method of delivery

1. Occupational Health & Safety

Theory, demonstration, exercise & assessment

2. Electrical basics 

Theory, practicals, exercise & assessment

3. Solar Radiation  

Theory, practicals, exercise & assessment

4. Solar PV Technology

Theory, practicals, exercise & assessment

5. Solar Inverters

Theory, demonstration, exercise & assessment

6. Array Mounting Systems 

Theory, demonstration, exercise & assessment

7. PV quality system overview

Theory and demonstration

8. Site survey and planning

Theory, practicals, exercise & assessment

9. Matching array & inverter

Theory, exercise & assessment

10. System protection and safety

Theory, exercise & assessment

11. Cable sizing

Theory, exercise & assessment

12. Preparation of bill of materials

Theory, exercise & assessment

13. Project costing

Theory, exercise & assessment

14. Design tasks for rooftop project

Complete design task for real life project

15. Design tasks for MW scale project

Complete design task for real life project

16. Estimation of losses & yield calculation

Exercise for real life project

17. Use of simulation software

Practice on real life project

18. Preparation of DPR

Theory and case study

19.  Installation & commissioning


20. Final Exam and assessment

Online examination


Training Materials:

  • A copy of GSES ‘Grid Connected PV Systems Design and Installation’ book
  • Copies of power point presentations, design tasks, excel based GSES design & energy yield simulation tool, sample bill of materials, sample financial models etc.
  • Access to equipment, accessories and tools necessary for completing the course.

Certification and support for employment:

GSES follows international best practice standards and accreditation requirements to develop the content and deliverables of its PV training courses. On successful completion, and subject to their performance, the students will receive a either a certificate of attainment or certificate of completion.

GSES is well connected internationally to various solar industry networks and professional bodies. Our courses are widely recognized and respected in the industry. GSES provides after training support services to its alumni which includes opportunities to update skills and knowledge, finding employment and invitation as well as access to networking events.


GSES India provides customised mentorship to student to support an individual’s interest on further learning to realise future career plan and growth. Mentorship programme is designed for individual student to suit a person’s educational background, functional professional and technical skill, past experience (if any) and plan for growth in employment or business.  Minimum mentorship duration is one week (5 working days) and it can be extended as per requirement of the candidate.

The following topics will be broadly covered under mentorship programme:

  1. Guided practice on PV system design software like HelioScope, PVSyst and SketchUp for rooftop and ground mounted utility scale projects.
  2. Guided practice on use of AutoCAD for preparing  engineering drawings for PV plant installation covering rooftop and ground mounted utility scale projects.
  3. Guided design practice for rooftop and ground mounted utility scale PV projects.
  4. Guided project management practice for concept to commissioning of PV projects.
  5. Guidance for setting up of solar business,  development of business strategy, vendor development and supply chain management.

Special Discount: 

GSES is committed towards generating social opportunity and gender equity by providing special concessions to unemployed youths, students and women participants in order to increase their entrepreneurial and technical skills in the renewable energy sector.


GSES India offers paid internship for a period of 3-12 months. Student who want to get engaged with GSES India as an intern will be selected through an assessment process. Duration and number of internship positions available depends upon the ongoing and upcoming projects and assignments at GSES India.  


Participants for this course preferably should have an engineering degree or diploma or a degree in science with basic understanding of electrical engineering.

Maximum Intake:

To ensure quality of training through maximum interaction between trainees and GSES tutors, we regulate maximum intake for this course at 12 participants.  We ensure that all participants receive adequate support from our tutors through one-to-one interaction during the training period. 

Training Date:

Please refer to the training schedule

Training Location:

GSES Solar Training Centre, F - 7B, Pocket F,  Okhla Industrial Area Phase 1, New Delhi - 110020

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For Further Information Contact:

GSES India Sustainable Energy Pvt. Ltd.,

Phone: +91-11- 41040534

Mobile: +919560550077 / +91 9560550075

e-mail: training@gses.in