Professional Advantage Course on Grid Connected PV Systems Design and Installation


The GSES Professional Advantage Course on Grid connected Solar PV Systems Design and Installation provides detailed technical information and step-by-step methodology for design, installation, testing, commissioning  of grid-connected solar PV systems. The course covers both distributed rooftop and large MW scale projects.

The course includes fundamental principles behind working of a solar PV system, use of different components in a system, methodology of sizing these components to create a well functioning solar PV system, and methodology of evaluating financial performance of a solar PV system.

The course also includes a description of procedures to conduct site surveys for system sizing, design and installation, and performing testing and commissioning procedures in accordance with relevant international standards relating to grid-connected  solar PV systems. 

Who should attend?  

This course is designed ideally for professionals looking to enter solar industry, or interact with solar projects in current line of work. However, professionals from a range of backgrounds can also use this course to gain entry in India’s booming solar industry, include final year engineering/science students. The course has been developed by GSES using international best practice materials and is reviewed regularly to ensure high quality and globally current training materials.  The course is backed up with rigorous assessment framework thus giving you a qualification certificate which is recognized internationally.

Course Outline:


Session Topic



Working Safely with PV Systems

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Fundamentals of Solar Radiation

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Solar photovoltaic  systems and applications overview

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Solar PV technology overview

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Fundamentals of Power Conversion Equipment (inverters)

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Balance of system components for PV systems

2 Hours 30 Minutes


PV Mounting Systems & Foundations

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Rooftop PV project site assessments & planning

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Ground mounted PV project site assessments & planning

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Overview of Grid-connected Rooftop PV Systems Design

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Overview of Ground mounted MW Scale PV project Design

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Matching of PV Array and Inverter and MPPT

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Planning, sizing and selection of DC and AC cables for PV systems

2 Hours 30 Minutes


System Protection and Safety requirements for PV Plant

2 Hours 30 Minutes


PV systems  performance modelling and Energy generation estimation

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Overview of simulation software for PV systems design and analysis

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Drawings and diagrams for PV systems

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Installation and Commissioning of PV systems

2 Hours 30 Minutes


PV systems  documentation  requirements

2 Hours 30 Minutes


PV systems inspection procedure for quality assurance

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Solar PV project development phases and quality management

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Detailed Feasibility Study of PV Power projects

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Operation and Maintenance Planning for PV Power Plants

2 Hours 30 Minutes


PV Plant operation and performance monitoring

2 Hours 30 Minutes


PV Plant Test procedures

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Troubleshooting and corrective maintenance

2 Hours 30 Minutes


Training Methodology:

The course will be delivered in lecture format using power point presentations, sharing of case examples, assessment excercise and quizzes. The course will be conducted through Moodle e-Learning Platform with two sessions of two and half hours each. At the end of each session, there will be an assessment quiz where the participant can apply the knowledge that they have learnt in the session and also interact with the trainer to discuss and clarify any queries they may have.

Training Materials:

  • A copy of GSES ‘Grid Connected PV Systems Design and Installation - International version’ book
  • Copies of power point presentations, design tasks, excel based GSES design & energy yield simulation tool, sample bill of materials, sample financial models etc.
  • Checklists and test procedures

Certification and support for Employment:

GSES follows international best practice standards and accreditation requirements to develop the content and deliverables of its PV training courses. On successful completion, and subject to their performance, the students will receive a either a certificate of attainment or certificate of completion.

GSES is well connected internationally to various solar industry networks and professional bodies. Our courses are widely recognized and respected in the industry. GSES provides after training support services to its alumni which includes opportunities to update skills and knowledge, finding employment and invitation as well as access to networking events. 

Flexible Sessions:

It is mandatory to attend all the sesions as outlined above to obtain a GSES certificate of completion. However, participants with prior experience in grid connected PV may choose to attend a few selected sessions as per their interest. Training support materials and certificate of particpation will be issued according to the sessions opted for. Fee for the course will be proportionate to the sessions attended.

GSES Trainers:

Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES) is an Australian-based multi-disciplinary organisation specialising in professional services and training across the Renewable Energies sector and comprises a team of highly experienced systems engineers, designers and installers and accredited trainers. GSES is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia, responsible for development and delivery of Solar PV accreditation training with international competency standards. 

GSES Principal trainers have over 25 years of experience in renewable energy planning; engineering design; tender preparation and evaluation; techno-commercial due diligence and project implementation.  Our trainers have authored and co-authored several books and training manuals on solar PV system design installation, maintenance and inspection.  

Discount on course fee:

  • Early Bird registration (limited to first 5 registration): 20% on training fee
  • Group (3+) registration: 30% on training fee
  • Student and female participants: 50% on training fee  (limited to 5 participants on first come first serve basis).
  • Discount is available for the participants who choose to attend all the sessions. 

Training Date: 

Please refer to the training schedule

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