Training Areas and Course Hierarchy

Training Areas:

GSES’ training services are available worldwide and constitute one of GSES’ four business pillars. Internationally GSES undertakes to guarantee the quality of all its training. GSES India currently delivering trainings in the following areas:

  1. Fundamentals of Solar Resource and PV Systems
  2. PV Systems Design and Installation
  3. PV Systems Operation and Maintenance
  4. PV Systems Inspection and Audit
  5. Renewable Energy Sales and Marketing
  6. Renewable Energy Project Management
  7. Need based customized trainings for Corporates and Organisations 

Course Hierarchy:

The training courses currently offered and those in the development phase are all classified according to GSES’ training hierarchy. The training courses now offered by GSES India are classified according to five categories as described below.

Professional Advantage Training

Professional Advantage training courses are available to candidates for engineering service delivery at a professional level in the solar industry. Professional Advantage training has been developed and is regulated at all times by GSES’ training quality criteria . Assessment outcomes for these courses are rigorous and match the level of training required in Australia to attain this level of professional qualification. Student IDs will be issued to participants undertaking Professional Advantage courses and all student details and their records of assessment will be maintained in a student database. Certificates of Attainment are issued on successful completion of these courses.

Professional Advantage Training:

  • GSES’ premier training, a ticket into the solar industry.
  • Equal to the requirements of a professional qualification in Australia.

Technical Advantage Training

Technical Advantage training courses represent vocational education training, usually for delivery to industry members. Technical Advantage courses will deliver professional development to industry members ranging from renewable energy corporations’ personnel to skilled or semi-skilled technicians having some prior experience in Renewable Energy. Participants in Technical Advantage courses may have already undertaken at least one Professional Level training course. Student ID’s will be issued to students undertaking these courses and these details and a record of their assessment results will be kept in a secure student database. Technical Advantage training courses will provide either a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Attendance. 

Technical Advantage Training:

  • Professional development for Solar Professionals.
  • A Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Attendance is granted on completion of the training.
  • Gives in-depth training on specific, specialised areas of the industry.

Business Advantage Training

Courses undertaken at this training level include practical and technical industry concepts and practices. These concepts fall outside the Professional Advantage and Technical Advantage courses. This training will not be assessed. A Certificates of Attendance will be issued for this course.

Business Advantage Training:

  • Information for those entering the solar industry;
  • Provides introductory training on areas of the renewable energy industry with a view to increase employment opportunities.

Management Advantage Training

Management Advantage training courses are designed for entrepreneurs, project managers, senior engineers and officers from project developers, implementing agencies and EPC companies involved in development of renewable energy projects.  Management Advantage courses will deliver professional development to industry members ranging from renewable energy corporations’ personnel to startups and entrepreneurs having some prior experience in Renewable Energy.  This training will not be assessed. A Certificates of Attendance will be issued for this course.

Corporate Training

GSES India designs and delivers need based customised training for engineers, managers and technicians for corporate houses, government agencies and not for profit organisations. These trainings are designed and delivered to meet specific requirement of solar project developers, EPC companies and training providers. GSES India has conducted customizes trainings for its clients from India and other countires from South Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Pacific. A few such training courses delivered during recent past are:

  • Best practices on design, installation, O&M, project management.
  • Handholding for feasibility study, detailed design and execution work of live projects.
  • Onsite training for operation & maintenance and monitoring.
  • Feasibility study, cost optimization & financial assessment
  • Support in developing of training curriculum, course material and training Infrastructure.

 For training dates and duration please see Training Schedule