Discover how we can help with your next renewable energy project. We offer design, consulting and inspection services.


Preliminary Design

GSES Preliminary Design Services gather data from site/field inspections, analysis of interval consumption data (if available), integration of architectural/structural designs to name a few, and then can be used by Project Developers, Project Bidders and the like to refine their case.

Project Developers may use GSES preliminary design services to model a chosen concept, refine system costs and benefits, or create a board proposal report. Project Bidders may use GSES preliminary design services to help cost a project bid, create a tender design, or to illustrate a project offering.

Detailed Design

GSES  detailed design services are used by Project Developers and by Design and Construct companies who have secured a project.  

Project Developers may use GSES detailed design services to finalise project scope requirements and design drawings, organise all relevant permits and applications, and furnish the technical specification for release of a Request for Tender (RFT).  

Design and Construct companies may use GSES detailed design services in order to create a detailed bill of materials (BOM) for procurement and to create a construction plan, detailed design drawings, and a build program.  GSES uses its experience and expertise to find efficiency in the project plan and construction program further adding value to the GSES service offering.