1 Month Technical & Business Advantage Course on Solar Power System Fundamentals

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Course Outline

GSES Solar Power System Fundamentals online course is a comprehensive introduction to grid-connect solar photovoltaic (PV) electric systems for homeowners, students, solar startups and anyone wishing to gain a sound fundamental understanding of PV systems.

This online course provides a structured approach to studying the essentials of solar PV systems. The course comprises theory and quizzes that can be completed at the student’s own pace. The resource is presented in topics, starting with how solar systems work, progressing on to the design, costs and installation of a solar system, and finally discussing post-installation safety, operation and maintenance. Progress is assessed through quiz questions at the end of each topic.

This online course also provides information on grid-connected PV systems using battery storage. This material is provided in response to the market interest in the use of storage for solar PV systems.


Course Requirements

Please note that, as this is an online course, a continuous internet connection is required to access and progress through the course material.

Course Content

The course is split into three topics, which outline the principles of grid-connected PV systems by covering the following content:

Topic 1: Understanding PV Systems

  • Solar power concepts
  • Solar resource theory
  • Solar PV module characteristics and technologies
  • Inverter characteristics and technologies
  • Other system components

Topic 2: Planning and Installing a Grid-connected PV System

  • The planning process that a PV system installer undertakes
  • Energy efficiency
  • Economics of a PV system
  • Choosing a solar retail company

Topic 3: Owning and Maintaining a PV System

  • System shutdown procedure
  • Monitoring system output
  • System maintenance
  • System troubleshooting
  • Working safely around PV systems

The course contains a topic on battery storage systems compatible with solar PV systems. This topic is unassessed and aims to supplement the student’s understanding of different applications of solar PV systems. 

Topic: Grid-Connected PV Systems with Battery Storage

  • Battery storage system concepts
  • Planning for a battery storage system
  • Battery storage system components and technologies
  • Battery storage system maintenance

Course Support

GSES tutors will be available by phone and e-mail to assist students partaking this course during working hours.

Course Outcome

The course is assessed by topic quizzes, which target key points of the course. The course is considered completed when all quizzes have been attempted and full marks have been obtained. 

A GSES Certificate of Completion is awarded for the successful completion of this course.

Course Fee:

Rs.5,900.00 (All inclusive) (Indian Rupee)


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