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GSES Training update for June to December 2019

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GSES India has trained 90 engineers and entrepreneurs from June to December 2019. Our face-to-face professional advantage, technical advantage, and business advantage courses were attended by the participants from Delhi/NCR, Punjab, Assam, Kerala, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Nagaland, Haryana, Punjab, Oman, Afghanistan, Russia, and Bhutan.

GSES India conducted a 3-days training program for Indian Port of Authority’s officials from different ports of India at New Delhi to gain insight on an overview of renewable energy.

GSES India conducted 2-Days Consultative workshop for Exploring Renewable Energy options for Smart Campus at Delhi Jal Board.

GSES India also conducted 5-days Grid-connected technical advantage course in the month of July, August and October at Muscat, Oman. Training program was attended by the engineers/entrepreneur from the different organization.

Participants from NEPeD, Nagaland has also participated in 6-day face-to-face training program in Solar Photovoltaic System Design and Installation at New Delhi. This training program was sponsored by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

What did the participants like most about the programmes?

  • Everything in the training program was good and well organized. Trainers were very cooperative-Zabihullah Danish
  • The session was good there was a friendly atmosphere-Imnayanger Imchen
  • The content and the way the courses are structured. It was very easy to study and understand. Every chapter has various graphics to show how everything works and gives a better understanding. The language is also very easy so that people from different nations who are not so good in English can also understand and gain knowledge of the renewable sector, its benefits and needs- Rishabh Sharma
  • Interaction of the teachers with the students and response towards the interest of the students is what I feel the best. Designing of Grid-Connected Power System has been very easily taught to us and I personally loved the way designing was taught- Ashok Kumar Gogoi
  • The best part for me was the designing and sizing of the solar plant (Solar PV modules, Inverter, Isolator, and Fuse), sizing of DC cable, AC cable, and battery also-Amit Kumar
  • Gained lots of knowledge on solar PV installation, operation, and maintenance- Sushil Chandra Nahak
  • The training program was very useful and it provided adequate knowledge on Solar energy-Michael Arokiraj
  • There was friendly group discussion during the session by the technical knowledge support of the faculty-P.P Saha
  • Practical sessions and theoretical sessions were both interesting enough to be engaged in the learning process- Stanislav Boiko
  • Sessions related to marketing and Sales for start-ups was more relevant -Amrata Swain

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