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GSES Training Update: January 2018

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GSES India has conducted three trainings during December 2017. The 4 weeks fulltime training on Solar PV systems design, installation and maintenance has been concluded on 29th December 2017. This professional advantage course includes step-by-step methodology for design, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of grid-connected and off-grid solar PV systems. A 5 Day Technical Advantage Course on Standalone Solar Power Systems Design and Installation has been conducted during 18-22 December 2017. This  comprehensive course covers design and installation of off-grid, micro-grid and solar pumping system. For both the trainings, we have received participants from Delhi/NCR, UP, Odisha, Punjab, Mumbai and two overseas  participants from the USA and Sudan.

We have also conducted another corporate training for managers and engineers for a reputed company based in Chennai. This 3 days training was customised to meet the specific need of the company who is entering into solar industry as a project developer.

Training December 2017

What did the participants like most about the programmes?

  • Trainers are very helpful and they try to answer all questions of all participation- Manu Bhardwaj
  • Very good combination of theoretical and practical knowledge- Aalok Prakash Shrivastava
  • Got  overview on solar project and it was a good interactive session –K.R. Amu
  • Intention of conveying the matter at understandable manner and appropriate presentation with slides and pictures –M. Syed Abuthahir
  • Most aspects were covered and the things were made simple –Lohithi

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