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GSES Training updates during COVID

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, GSES India faced the challenge of organizing operational training programs for its clients. However, the company remained resolute to continue its training initiatives and adapted to the situation by providing online training sessions in tandem with the help of an e-learning platform. GSES India recognized the eagerness of students to utilize their time during the pandemic in a productive manner and despite the global halt, we successfully organized numerous training sessions, reaching out to over 600 participants.    

In collaboration with International Information Technology Co. LLC. (IITC), GSES India formed a partnership and conducted multiple trainings. The first training took place in July 2020, followed by another between the end of August and early September in the same year. Additionally, in association with IITC, the company delivered training under the ‘Shell Intilaaqah Program’ to participants from Oman in August 2021 and September 2021.  

In September 2020, GSES India provided training to Pioneer Wincon’s engineers. This training was aimed at enhancing their knowledge about solar PV systems. Moreover, GSES India conducted a training session for the GCC Electrical Testing Laboratory, which was held between the end of September 2020 and early October 2020. During this period, two training programs were held for Jindal South West Energy (JSW Energy). The first consisted of a self-paced three-month online course, which was followed by a series of face-to-face sessions from February 2021 to June 2021.  

Furthermore, GSES India conducted a training program for ‘Sikkim ENVIS Hub’ in February 2021 under the Green Skill Development Programme organized by the Department of Forest and Environment, Government of Sikkim. Under the Nepal Renewable Energy Programme (NREP), GSES India organized various training sessions for the government officials of Nepal in March 2021 and September 2021.   

GSES India also partnered with the International Solar Alliance (ISA) to deliver multiple trainings for its member countries between October 2021 and March 2022.  

What did the participants like most about the programmes?
  • I have learned a detailed view of solar PV systems. It was very useful and now I hope I would be able to do the design on my own. – Sairam Sankaran, OHI Telecom 
  • The course was very helpful, and I am now confident to apply the knowledge I acquired to be utilized in projects. – Nishandh Nair, Scan Electromechanical Cont. Co. L.L.C. 
  • I am experienced in Telecom technically and a little bit on electrical but solar part was not. After attending this training, I now understand the concept of solar system design, installation and maintenance with considering safety in all aspects. – Yuvaraj Anandan, OHI Telecom 
  • As an electrical engineer, I learned a lot about solar PV modules as well as matching the PV system to the grid. – A. Sebastiar, Delta Star 

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